1. Jef:Okay well, Jef is my absolute favorite!! He’s just so cute and I love that he has his own style. He always talks about how much he loves Emily, how he wants a family, and I just think that he kind of speaks in a poetic way. haha I know it;s weird, but think about it. He wrote that incredibly sweet love letter to Emily and everytime he speaks it’s makes me melt and I’m sure Emily. His family seemed so nice, and I can see Emily and Ricki living with Jef on that HUGE ranch and having so much fu! I think Emily and Ricki would fit right in. More importantly, I can see Jef being a wonderful husband and father.

    Sean:He is so HOT! He seems like he would be an awesome father and husband. His family was so nice and I love how they played those jokes on Emily. Sean’s dad was so sweet. I can picture Emily and Ricki fitting in with them nicely. I love how Sean is like Emily’s Romeo. In Progue, He left his hotel room and searched pretty much the whole city to find Emily, and then when she was leaving his house he chased after her for a couple blocks!! how cute! :)

    Chris:It was sad to see him go, but to be honest, I didn’t see him being a husband and father to Emily and Ricki. I feel bad for him, but I think Emily made a wise choice.

    Arie:I HATE HIM! I just don’t picture him being a husband to Emily and a father to Ricki! there’s just something off about him. Maybe it’s just that I think he’s ugly. I don’t know but his family seemed to “uptight” I guess for Emily and Ricki. I can see Emily fitting in with them but definitely not Ricki. i just don’t like him and he needs to go!